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Live for each second without hesitation...

I really haven't had an update of anything relevant in my life for quite awhile. I have been meaning to post some things up here, like about how Martin pulled strings at work to come down the day before Thanksgiving so that he could come with me to the ever important Powder Puff game, and then finally bit the bullet and slept over at my house (in a guest room) and celebrated Thanksgiving with us. All of it was so very nice.

Break was nothing in particular, except it went by all too fast. As I get older (which lately seems to be happening rather quickly) I'm learning to appreciate the importance of everything a little more.

SOOOOO, I moved back in on MLK day, in preparation of embarking on the last semester of my undergraduate career. Do not ask me if I cried, you know I did...

Friday afternoon Andi and I took advantage of the beautiful weather, albeit somewhat later in the day than when we had planned, but nonetheless had a really great walk along the Charles then down back into the city through Kenmore Square. While we weren't bundled up, as it was warmer, we weren't exactly flashing a lot of skin, however, we did get honked or whistled at like 4 times throughout. Guess the Boston men are getting horny. Spring must be coming soon, lol.

Saturday I worked for the admissions office as they had an information session. First thing I had done for them in awhile. I got to wear my new ambassador shirt, and had my Emmanuel hat and coordinated shoes to match, as well as some yellow elastic-d pigtails, as it was a beautifully warm day. I kind of miss doing tours come to think of it, but I have no time to do it on a regular basis. Plus, its always nice to be able to do them and get paid for them, which only occurs on the weekends. After I got out of the tour, Martin arrived, which was thrilling, as I had not seen him for about seven weeks. Yeah--between him having important things to do, and snow, sickness, and other things over break, Saturday could not come soon enough. So, he came into the suite briefly to say hi to the girls, and then we headed out to drive to Salem, MA, on a jaunt in search of dinner and adventure. I gave him his Christmas and birthday presents finally, as well as ornaments that I made for his mom. While he did forget to bring my Christmas present with him (it will be coming next week) I did get treated very well in Salem. We parked in front of the school that was in Hocus Pocus, and then walked through the center of town, I of course was distracted every step of the way by all the puppyfaces that were out for a walk on the nice day. I saw a white poodleface wearing a pink shirt, a beautiful reddish chocolate colored greyhound that was afraid of everything, a well behaved old golden retreiver keeping guard at the open door of a store, and a "lamp dog"--one that had a big cone around its head due to a recent surgery. Our first find lead us into a Polish deli, where among the Polish music, I busted some moves to the Macarena that suddenly started to play at one point, and was very titilated at the fact that my boyfriend was able to order things in the native language of the owners...never get tired of the foreign language thing, have to say. We snacked on some type of Polish ham (I think) that he ordered, and then moved on to a candy store where he let me order my choice (went for the fudge, and am still wishing I had got some dark chocolate truffles too--what a piggo chocoholic I am!) We then moved on to have dinner at Rockafellas, a really cute restaurant in the building of a former bank--they keep their wine in the vault that is still there. Martin and I very much enjoyed the delicious bread and pesto for munching, side salads, and then prime rib and garlic mashed potatoes with yorkshire pudding, while we talked of various things and people, and he intermintently eavesdropped on two women sitting at the table behind us who mistakenly thought that talking in German would mean no one would know what they were talking about (again with the foreign languages! omg, its so freaking cool and kinda sexy). Not too worry. nothing too private--apparently one of their sons girlfriends works in a bank yet doesn't know how to save her money. After we finished, it was dark, and we walked across the street to take pictures with the new Bewitched statue they just put in this summer, and then found the water and walked all the way out to a lighthouse not far from the House of Seven Gables and gazed at the AMAZING view of the stars. Near the House of Seven Gables were the most eerie sounds from the window rustling through the poles and lines of all the docked sailboats--it was soooo cool. After that, we spent some time driving around the town and in the midst saw the biggest rat I have ever seen run clear across the street (I thought it was a squirrel at first.) For those of you Wallingford girls that are interested, I now have another story to share--not sure if its as good as the Pope story (because frankly, that thing is legendary now, lol) but it is entertaining none the less. When we finally decided to head back to Boston, we couldn't find our way back the way we came through Salem, so while Martin looked for the highway, and I counted the number of Dunkin Donuts we passed, we finally found an on-ramp, and Martin treated to some chocolate donuts and milk for the car ride back to Boston--my goodness what a guy he is:)

Now today I started training for my internship. After going on four interviews and getting four great offers (website content writer at American Public Television, assistant at Performer Magazine, and content writer and layout assistant at I decided to take the one that most closely relates to what I would like to do as a career, which is as an editorial assistant at Teen Voices Magazine. I only went in for 3 hours today since they are only doing training right now, but I may or may not begin to go in and work a little bit on Wednesday--the editor in chief said she would email me. It was really exciting to not only get all dressed up all BUSINESS-LIKE (I got some really great proffesional clothes at Kohl's over break, plus I have my new pea coat from Old Navy--(oh yeah, before break Martin and I went to Wrentham and we got some great deals, including matching pea coats! yeah, I know, some of you are gagging right now, but I don't care, I can wear boy's clothes if I want, its just a jacket for Christ's sake, it was a good deal, and we both look great in them), plus new fancy gloves for Christmas and I bought this great bag that can carry like folders and stuff plus my wallet, so it works great for the internship. The office is right at Downtown Crossing, so its easy to get to, although today the weather was craptastic. I felt like such a grown up walking out of there to the T with all the other suity men and women coming from the financial district! Ahh well. I am not about to get sentimental again. Its just too much. I can't deal.
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