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You could move on this moment...

today was exciting, however, it was also very tiring, so I will be sparing on the details

first day of my internship as an official editorial assistant--had some fun projects to do right to start off with, and like the staff and fellow interns that I have met at the magazine so far

turns out, they had an extra ticket to go to the Celtics game tonight, so I got to go and had a lot fun and am amused at the fact that that is another thing I can cross off the list of "Things I have been meaning to do here in Boston ever since I started college"--and I didn't have to pay for anything other than the T fare!

a great moment at halftime during a lay-up contest--the radio dj emceeing says after one of the female contestants said she was from Guilford CT--"Are you a husky fan? The ladies from Connecticut know how to play basketball."

I had to share the most random cause for a smile today--as I am getting off the T at Park Street today to go to my internship and walking towards the exit, a tall, well dressed (business-y), most likely homosexual black man puts a hand on my arm and says to me quite loudly "You have an AMAZING walk. The walk is great." Now, mind you I was in my new really great but somewhat clunky snow boots, so I wasn't rocking it as much as I can in the three inch heels, but I was otherwise well-dressed and very excited about going in to my internship--I guess my pride and confidence was very visible this morning--but talk about the most unique compliment to receive from a random stranger!
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